The Nightmare Man's Last Stand! is the 9th episode of Season 21.

Summary Edit

The Nightmare Man makes his return and wants to end the Disney Junior Club for good.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with the Nightmare Man laughing because he took over the world. Then as he opens up a soda bottle, he shows the audience how he got his victory.

It all starts with the Disney Junior Club, even Captain Jake, his crew, and Captain Hook, watching the stars when they see the Nightmare Man on a ship ordering his magic to fire cannonballs at them. Kwazii tells everyone to look out as the cannonball explode while the Nightmare Man, in his explosion appearance, encounters them for the last time planning to get rid of them.

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Powers that Kwazii used Edit

  • Magic Sword

Trivia Edit

  • This the sixth and last episode where the Nightmare Man appears.
  • This episode's sequel is The Nightmare Man's Brother.
  • This episode is a parody of Custer's Last Stand, and is based on “Captain Hook's Last Stand” from Captain Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Transcript Edit

Kwazii (Narrating): The Nightmare Man's Last Stand!

Nightmare Man: (evil laughing) I have won! Now the world belongs to me. (sighs) You know, I remember the day how it all started. (soda bottle lid pop)

Last Night

Nightmare Man: Rise my magic! We've got work to do. First we're going to destroy Kwazii, Captain Jake, and the Disney Junior Club, then we will terrify the world to its knees. (evil laughter)

Captain Jake: The stars do look beautiful at this time at night.

Captain Hook: I know right.

Izzy: Yay hay, no way! Is that the Nightmare Man?

Cubby: Nah. Couldn't be. He doesn't have a pirate ship.

Skully: And if he does, what would he do in it?

Nightmare Man: (evil chuckling) Ready my Magic? Aim the cannons... Fire!

(Firing the cannons)

Kwazii: Look out!

(The cannonballs explode, and the Nightmare Man appears in his explosion form.)

Nightmare Man: So we've met again, Captain Jake, for the last time.

Captain Jake: Nightmare Man? What are you.

Nightmare Man: Something that you'll never ever find out, boy. I have an plan that uses destruction and fire, the plan is so big that I'm gonna let you marinate awhile. First things first, I'm going to have to kill all you pests.

Kwazii: It's on, Nightmare Man! (sword didn't hit the Nightmare Man) Huh? Oh, ah, eeh, oh! Whoa!!! Oof!

Izzy: Kwazii!

Cubby: He moved a lightning bolt.

Captain Hook: Impossible.

Nightmare Man: Nothing's impossible, with my magic. Remember?...

Captain Jake: Come on Nightmare Man!

Nightmare Man: You got it. My magic drop in the Hi-Steam-Tank Swords! (swords fall to the Nightmare Man's hands) Love my Hi-Steam-Tank Swords, Disney Junior Club? I made them myself! There are three blades on each handle. Now let's do this, up I go and down you go!