The Orthrus Puppy Problem is the 59th episode of Season 32.

Luna plays with an Orthrus puppy

“Here Or and Ro! That’s a bunch of good boys!”


The Disney Junior Club and Luna Girl volunteer to help work at the new magical dog grooming shop, the Smooch n Pooch Shop, but when Cubby lets an orphan two-headed orthrus puppy come in to get pampered, the gang finds it harder to take care of such a little beast than they thought and also find it harder to find a new home for him... or rather him and him.


The episode begins with the Disney Junior Club and Luna Girl (in her new outfit that was fit for a pet grooming shop) heading somewhere in town. Finally, they stopped at a new shop that must've opened last week and the sign on the wall read that it needs some volunteers to help with the shop. Last week, Sofia saw the sign and she couldn't help but have her and her friends volunteer to help the owner named Polly Paws wash and clean the dogs in the dog grooming shop. They love dogs as much as they love grooming them.

When they entered, Polly welcomes them in and was happy that they'd come to help her groom her customers' dogs in the Smooch n Pooch Shop as she then shows them around the shop before they could get started on their work. After a tour around, the Disney Junior Club friends were ready to start grooming some dogs when their first customers arrive with their dogs who needed cleaning and grooming. Later, a montage is seen of them giving all the dogs a bath, scrubbing them, washing them, brushing them, blow-drying them, and even giving them accessories and treats after they had finished.

Powers that Kwazii uses

  • Water Pulse
  • Magic Cleaning Brush
  • Levitation
  • Aerokinesis
  • Stretchy Power


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