The Prince and the Pirate is the 4th episode of Season 1.

Summary Edit

When Kwazii and the Baby Dolphin get trapped in a whirlpool while they're racing in the middle of the night, they get whisked away to a magical kingdom called 'Pirate Kingdom' where they meet Prince Kyle Kitten, the son of the Pirate King, who looks just like Kwazii and they decide to switch places for a little while, but when Prince Kyle's true love, Princess Amethyst, mistakes Kwazii for the prince and forces him to marry her, Prince Kyle and the Baby Dolphin must save him from the wedding before it's too late.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Kwazii in the Gup-B racing with the Baby Dolphin. After the race, Kwazii suddenly becomes bored because of his everyday life. Then he wishes for a more exciting adventure when a giant whirlpool sucks him and the Baby Dolphin inside and whisked them away to an unknown place.

When Kwazii woke up, he finds his dolphin friend injured and covered in seaweed. Running over to him, Kwazii removes all the seaweed and carries the Baby Dolphin in his arms, and tried to call for help but no one was around. Until two guards heard him and bowed down to him as the second guard picks up the young dolphin and they lead Kwazii to a big castle. Inside, Kwazii watched a royal doctor cleaning the cut on the Baby Dolphin's fin and started wrapping it with a bandage. Just then, he hears a guard talking to someone who sounded like a prince and as they both entered the room, Kwazii came face-to-face with the prince that looked exactly like... him!

Trivia Edit

Transcript Edit

Kwazii (Narrating): The Prince and the Pirate.

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