The Return Of Ladybug And Cat Noir is the 11th episode of Season 12.

Summary Edit

When Leona is akumanized by Hawk Moth's akumanized butterfly, Cat Noir and Ladybug returns to stop her and this time they need the PJ Masks' help.

Plot Edit

The episode begins at the Disney Junior Town plaza where all the residents are preparing for tomorrow's Disney Junior Town's Sing-A-Thon. Amaya was practicing her singing but Leona (as her Wishling self) was distracting her by her own singing. She was annoyed by it at first, but then noticed how beautiful Leona's voice was as Amaya puts away her microphone and goes over to her to compliment her singing.

Leona notices and thanks her friend, then asks her if she can sing along with her just for practice. Reluctantly, Amaya decides to and they sing together. After finishing their song, the two friends decide to take a break and have a drink of water.

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