The Rise of Chernabog is the 55th episode and part 1 of the bonus movie of Season 21.


Captain Drake and Romeo team up again to bring back Chernabog, a legend of darkness.


The episode begins with Captain Drake and Romeo just finishing their sentence on the stolen Mighty Colossus when Captain Jake shows up to stop them. Romeo and Drake order their ships to hold him and members of the Disney Junior Club down, but Kwazii tells them (except Romeo and Drake) to go to their stations to get away from them. After everyone gets to their stations, they start to chase both Drake and Romeo through doors. Thirty minutes and a crash later, Romeo explains that they've seen this before while Drake, pooped out, complains that no ship like the Mighty Colossus to be exact was worth it, but he lets out a warning to the Disney Junior Club saying that he and Romeo will be back soon for they're revenge. After this is over, Kwazii and Captain Jake say that most villains like Drake and Romeo always surrender, but if they think about it, they will be waiting for it.

Meanwhile, Drake and Romeo hear and see Kion talking to his grandfather Mufasa's spirit which gives Drake an idea, but they wish they could talk to a legend to advise them, and they know just the perfect legend who is dark, strong, evil, and the most perfect talent in history: Chernabog. Drake then tells Romeo to put on a Shadow Camouflage to help them sneak in shadows without being seen. Later when night falls, Drake and Romeo sneak back onto the Mighty Colossus when the Disney Junior Club have their backs turned. They search for its library without falling into boobytraps, and after a search around the ship, they finally find the library, and they start to find the perfect book what will help them. Nine hundred ninety-seven books later, they find a book called "How to Bring Legends Back From the Dead" and find a page involving having to find three ingredients for the spell. Soon, Romeo is informed by his Robo Bird Bolts, who has stolen Captain Jake's mighty captain sword for the first ingredient, but his face is slapped by Drake who tells him that "Both the roar and magic can be used in anger" according to a page of the book. Both boys tend to go after someone their targets care about to make them mad and use it in anger, but Drake checks another page on the book, and realizes that Connor has his family's magic and Kion has the roar, called the Roar of the Elders.

After their plan song, Drake plans to go after Kion for his roar and has Romeo go after Connor for his magic, but they need to use the Tic Toc Croc and several others to do so. Fifteen seconds later, Robot informs his master that "PJ Pests at twelve o'clock" and crocodiles appear in the scene. This gives both Drake and Romeo the right time to use their inventions on Kion and Connor. After waiting for the right time, Drake drops his cage until Kion's friends Bunga, Fuli, Ono, and Beshte are put under it, while Romeo turns on his machine until Connor's friends Amaya and Greg (as Owlette and Gekko) are captured. When Connor (as Catboy) and Kion finally find their friends, they can't stand seeing them being tortured anymore so they use their powers in anger. They unleash their powers, but Drake and Romeo steal them! The boys' evil plan is to be completed, and now all they have to do is go to Bald Mountain to bring Chernabog back to life. The leaders are shocked to see their powers taken. They try to get them back, but the evil boys have already teleported to Bald Mountain. When they finally reach the mountain, they try to summon Chernabog using Kion's roar and Connor's magic, but nothing happens. Drake turns furious because their plan didn't work, so he throws the book into the mountain. All of a sudden there is a quake and a big explosion, and from out of the darkness comes a strange but familiar figure: Chernabog, ending the episode.

(To Be Continued)


Villain Motives

  • Captain Drake and Romeo: To bring Chernabog back to life

Time Cards

  • Thirty Minutes Later
  • Meanwhile
  • That Night
  • One Search Around the Ship Later
  • 997 Books Later
  • Fifteen Seconds Later


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