The Star Hunter Scene 7

The Star Hunter is the 27th episode of Season 10.


A man called the Star Hunter is on the hunt for Starlings in disguise, including the Star Darlings, so it’s up to the Disney Junior Club to find a way to outsmart him. Meanwhile, Scarlet has a secret to confess.


The episode begins with a man dressed in a brown coat with a star on the back, black boots, and a hat with a red feather walking into Disney Junior Town at night.

The next morning at Disney Junior Elementary School, everyone is seated at their desks in Magic-ology class just when Principal Mickey Mouse walks into the room with bad new: Almathea has a unicorn cold.

Powers that Kwazii used


  • It’s shown that Scarlet and the Star Hunter have known each other when he met her father when she was a child.


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