The Star Hunter Scene 7

Scarlet, Sage, and Sofia hiding from the Star Hunter

The Star Hunter is the 27th episode of Season 10.


A man who is known as the Star Hunter is on the hunt for Starlings in disguise, including the Star Darlings, and the Disney Junior Club must do their best to protect them. Meanwhile, Scarlet has a secret to confess.


The episode begins with a man dressed in a long dark brown coat with a silver star on the back, black boots, and a hat with a red feather walking in Disney Junior Town at night. On his right arm, he had a metal hand with sharp metal nails and on his left, he carried a net blaster as he walked along the foggy streets. The next morning at Disney Junior Elementary School, everyone was seated at their desks in Magic-ology class when Principal Mickey Mouse announces that Amalthea has caught a unicorn cold so he introduces the students to a new teacher named Mr. Starry, who is overly nice and cheerful, passing students even if they make mistakes, and awarding them with gold stars for the most trivial tasks such as going to the bathroom, and even bullying other kids. The next day after the next day at school, Mr. Starry screeched his finger nails on the chalkboard. He quickly revealed his true intentions. He told his students to call him by his professional name, the Star Hunter, and that he knew one of his students is a Star Darling in disguise because his gold stars had detected Starling magic. While scanning the students with a magic detecting wand, the school bell rang and his students were released. The Star Hunter held Scarlet, Sage, Leona, Vega, and Libby (who are disguised as Wishlings) at the back of the class in detention regardless; his magic stars having detected the magic on them because of their wish pendants. He explained to the Star Darlings in disguise that he goes to unsuspecting schools, plays nice to the students until he finds one of his students' accessories glow whenever they are near someone who makes a wish and they help them make the wish come true, in which he knows that a Star Darling was at work, and when he finds out which one of them is a Star Darling, he said he will catch them, kill them, and even turn them into stuffed statues until he has their wish pendants and their power crystals for himself. Just then, he turns his gaze back to Scarlet who was shaking nervously as if they both recognized each other. Luckily, Doc, Henry, Connor, Amaya, Greg, Izzy, Cubby, Captain Jake, and Sofia ran to rescue their Starlings-in-disguise friends from the Star Hunter and they quickly ran out of the classroom just before he threw one of his red stars at them as Captain Jake closed the door behind him. Running into the Pirate-ology class to hide, the gang and the Star Darlings find Kwazii who was both confused and concerned about their heavy breathing and their panicked faces as he asks what was going on while Greg helps Doc lock the door. Izzy explains that their substitute teacher, Mr. Starry is a Star Hunter that hunts and kills Starlings and takes away their wish pendants and also their power crystals. Hearing this, Kwazii says that he knew there really was something suspicious about that new teacher as he turns on the computer and opens the news window to show them last night's news about the man in the coat that looked exactly like the Star Hunter. Sage suggests that they should head up to Starland and ask Lady Stella if there is anything they can do to stop him, but they'll need to find a safe place to get there without the Star Hunter finding them. Before long, they hear a loud knock on the door which was coming from none other than the Star Hunter. They had to think fast! It was only a matter of time before the Star Hunter could bust in and capture the Star Darlings! Quickly, Henry opens a nearby window for him and the others to escape through. After opening it, Kwazii summons a magic rope for them to climb down to the school gardens while Henry flies down and they escape just in time before the Star Hunter kicks the door open. He scans the room for any Starlings or their Wishling friends, but there was no sign of them anymore. Screaming in frustration, he storms out of the classroom and into the hallways. Outside, the gang could hear students screaming and running from the Star Hunter as they made a break for it and went through the school gates. But not before they saw the Star Hunter again who was blocking the way out so Kwazii uses his invisibility magic to make himself and the others invisible to get passed him. After their escape, the gang runs out of the gates and to the streets to hide at Greg's treehouse. Luckily, Kwazii had made a force field for any bad guys that wanna break in so that way, they won't get in and he and his friends will be safe.

As they got through the force field, everyone helped each other up into the treehouse until the last of them was inside, the Greg lifts the rope ladder up and puts in on the side of the porch. Then Sage uses her Starling magic to take her and her friends up into Starling Academy just to find themselves in Lady Stella’s office. Lady Stella appears and sees the worried faces on her students and her friends. After Libby explains to Lady Stella about the Star Hunter and how he plans to hunt her and her friends down, Lady Stella understood and tells them that she has known the Star Hunter since she was on Earth granting wishes. She then explains that the only way to defeat him is to use his power against him which meant outsmarting him. Understanding her, the five Star Darlings and their friends head back down to Earth to confront the Star Hunter, but unaware, Scarlet felt really nervous so Amaya was quick to comfort her. While she was at it, Vega pulls out her Star Zap to find the location of the Star Hunter's home.

Powers that Kwazii uses

  • Magic Rope (to help his friends and himself climb down from out window)
  • Bubble Blast (to blast the Star Hunter)
  • Invisiblity (to turn himself and his friends invisible)

Villain Motives

  • Star Hunter: To hunt down Starlings in disguise including the Star Darlings


  • It is revealed that Scarlet and the Star Hunter have known each since she was little and when the Star Hunter met her father.


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