The Three Mages of Talent is the 29th episode of Season 8.

Summary Edit

Mayor Mickey Mouse has invited the three mages of talent to perform their magic at the Disney Junior Town's Arts, Music, and Food Festival, but when Captain Hook steals all three of their magical items, which are the paintbrush, the baton, and the whisk, everyone loses their talents and the mages lose their magic. Now it's up to Kwazii and his Terra Monsters to retrieve them and restore the magical talents.


The episode begins with Kwazii, Captain Barnacles, Jake, Sofia, Peso, Sheriff Callie, and Miles walking in the Disney Junior Town's Arts, Music, and Foods Festival, enjoying the best time of their lives. Like everyone in town, they were eating sweet treats, playing games, listening to the best band on Disney Junior Island, and also buying some cool new stuff. Suddenly, Mayor Mickey got all the residents' attention, announcing that three special women have come far and wide to spread their magic to all of the good people who have come all this way to the festival or to volunteer at the festival, and without further ado, the Three Mages of Talent made their appearances and as they lifted their magic paintbrush, baton, and whisk up in the air, three showers of sparkles with all three different colors: pink, blue, and green, all shot out of the tips of their magical objects and their magic shrouded the entire festival, giving all the artists, musicians, and cooks an extra boost to make more music, art, or baked goods! It was a glorious sight to see that it even mesmerized Pearl.

Powers that Kwazii usesEdit

  • Mystic Paintbrush
  • Sweets Galore
  • Magical Music
  • Super Speed
  • Aqua Wings

Villain Motives Edit

  • Captain Hook: To steal the three mages’ magical items to make everyone untalented


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