The Three Pirate-teers is the 30th episode of Disney Junior: The Animated Series.

Summary Edit

While the Octonauts are racing to Rainbow Falls and going to Pizza Guy's place for lunch after the race, Kwazii stops at a movie poster that is revealed: 'The Three Pirate-teers!', a movie that is similar to the Three Musketeers movie, but different. Then, Kwazii gets shocked to find out that real pirates aren't allowed. So to cheer Kwazii up, the Octonauts go to the shores and imagine that they are "The Three Pirate-teers."

Plot Edit

The episode begins with all three of the Octonauts Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, and Peso riding on their wheels. They then decide that they should race to Rainbow Falls and whoever makes it first is the winner! Kwazii decides to get there first but Peso and Barnacles distract him with their cool moves so they got there first. On their way back to Disney Junior Town, Barnacles and Peso partake in a conversation over where they'll eat since it's lunchtime. Kwazii all of a sudden stops at a poster. As they rode past Kwazii, Barnacles asks for Kwazii's opinion, only to find out he has slipped behind them, gazing at a movie poster. The poster is revealed as "The Three Pirate-teers". After reading the descriptions on the poster, Kwazii is shocked to find out the movie is not for "Real Pirates". Kwazii then smashes the small print with his fist, making a huge hole on the poster and the fence, and makes Captain Barnacles and Peso cover their ears, and claims that is not fair and falls to the ground wishing if he could only watch just this once. Peso states they can watch it in a year on television, but Kwazii states that is when all the good stuff is cut out.

After they had lunch at Pizza Guy’s place, the Octonauts discuss how to get into the movie. Kwazii then tells them how the story begins, with 3 pirate-like musketeers, and their journey is starting to reflect the Octonauts' journey. They go through the alleyway into the tunnel that leads them to the beach.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is a little similar to Dawn of the Eds from Ed, Eddy, and Eddy.

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Kwazii (Narrating): The Three Pirate-teers.