The Secrets of Dive is the 8th episode of season 20

Summary Edit

Vandar is trying to decipher the secrets of his dive ring to figure out why he is here in the first place. But when a mysterious figure who claims to know about the dive souls shows up, Vandar wholeheartedly welcomes his tutelage. But his friends are skeptical of this person and his real motives, especially Connor. But when the mysterious man turns out to be a new foe, can Van and the Disney Junior Club find a way to stop this man's master plot?

Transcript Edit

(Coming soon)

Trivia Edit

-the origin of the dive souls are revealed

-the first dive battle in the series takes place here

-it is revealed that Vandar can sense other dive users

dive souls used Edit

Van's amethyst dive ring

mysterious man's dive necklace

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