To Touch a Hummingburn is the 56th episode of Season 10.
Kwazii Names The Hummingburn UFO

Kwazii names the hummingburn UFO

Summary Edit

A hummingburn appears in front of Captain Jake, Kwazii, Sofia, and Sheriff Callie. The pirate pals get Sofia to make Hummingburn Power Discs, but in order to activate their Magical Creature Power Suits, they need to touch the hummingburn, which is more difficult than they think. Then the team finds out that Chef Pete is planning to make a Hummingburn cake out of hummingburn eggs.

Plot Edit

The episode begins in the Fantasy Forest where Captain Jake and Kwazii zip-line from the Fantasy rainforest canopy down to the Disney Junior Club's ship, the Gup-TD where the other members are sleeping. Kwazii plays "Wild Kratts Theme Song" on the flugelhorn to wake them up. Sofia and Sheriff Callie then wake up, and Callie shuts Kwazii up by shoving a sock up the flugelhorn. The two are mad that they have been woken up, that is, until a green and flaming red hummingburn hovers around them. Their attention turns to the hummingburn's flight capabilities, and they analyze its movements. Kwazii names the hummingburn UFO. The pirate pals want to obtain Hummingburn Powers, but in order to do that, they need to touch a hummingburn. They jump out the Gup-TD and run across the forest floor, following UFO. Meanwhile, Chef Pete is cleaning his airplane restaurant, when he sees a hummingburn fly by. He follows the hummingburn after it flies away from his grasp.

After three failed attempts to touch a hummingburn, Kwazii and Captain Jake realize that chasing is not a good idea, so decide that an even better way to touch a hummingburn is to wait and ambush (like a hummingburn predator). They ask Sofia to make Garland Snake Powers. Captain Jake explains to them that ambushing is a great idea because like hummingbirds, hummingburns need to constantly drink nectar from flowers like heliconia. Sheriff Callie scans the area for heliconia, but they also detect Chef Pete. Sofia dispatches a Butterfly Camera, and Clover, who then wakes up, flies it. He ends up finding Chef Pete singing about collecting hummingburn eggs (he eventually does get his hands on some).

Sofia finishes Garland Snake Discs, and Clover teleports them. The pirate pals activate their Magical Creature Power Suits. UFO arrives at the heliconia flower that Captain Jake and Kwazii are hiding in. They activate their Magical Creature Power Suits while UFO begins to insert his beak into the flowers, finally touching a hummingburn. They head to Chef Pete's plane, where they catch him preparing a chocolate sauce to dip the eggs in. Chef Pete tries hitting them with a spatula, but quickly gets exhausted. The pirate pals, needing to refuel, do so at a nearby heliconia flower. Knowing that they are almost out of energy, Chef Pete gets out his dough cannon and fires dough balls, which make no difference until he hits the heliconia flower. They instead head to a difference sugary source – Pete's chocolate sauce. After they retrieve the eggs and send Chef Pete flying off by activating his plane's autopilot, they bring the eggs back to the nest which immediately hatch, ending the episode.

Powers that Kwazii uses Edit

  • Magic Rope (to lasso UFO, but failed for the first time)
  • Magic Cage (to trap UFO in his cage, but it didn't work eventually)

Villain Motives Edit

  • Chef Pete: To make a cake out of Hummingburn eggs

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is based on To Touch a Hummingbird from Wild Kratts.

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