Topped With Komasan is the 29th episode of Season 10.

Summary Edit

When tips of ice cream go missing, Connor uses his Yokai Watch to find and befriend a cute little ice cream loving lion-dog Yokai named Komasan.

Plot Edit

The episode begins outside of the Magical Cafe where Lucky the black cat was sleeping on a table outside just when his owner, Connor, came back holding a tray of vanilla ice cream cones, including a bowl of ice cream with sardines on top. When Lucky got up from his nap, he was excited but then he noticed that the tips of the ice cream are missing. Connor and Whisper notice it too and Connor thinks that a Yokai must have done it. Pressing the button on his Yokai Watch, Connor searches for the Yokai and finds one licking the tip of a customer's ice cream swirl off his ice cream.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode has scenes that are similar to EP007 from Yo-kai Watch.

Transcript Edit

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