Two Heads, One Team! is the 47th episode of Season 12.
Two Heads, One Team! Scene 4

Captain Jake and Kwazii (in Pisces power suits) arguing

Summary Edit

Captain Jake and Kwazii argue about which half of the Pisces is way better when Sofia decides to make Pisces creature power discs for them to stop fighting with each other.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Sofia, Captain Jake, and Kwazii arriving at the entrance to the Fantasy Forest on their wheels. After getting off their scooter and skateboards, the trio enters the entrance and arrive in the Fantasy Forest to see the Pisces, a two headed serpent with beautiful and sparkly skin that is said to chase dreamy goals.

Captain Jake thinks that the blue part of the Pisces is awesome but Kwazii thinks the purple head is much more better than the blue head. Annoyed by Kwazii's reply, Captain Jake tells him that the blue head is much more better at catching more dreamy goals than the purple one, but that only got Kwazii more annoyed than him.

Just as the pirate pals were about to argue, Sofia buts in and tells them that both heads are better when they finally arrived at the cave. Inside, Sofia, Kwazii (with his eyes lighten up), and Captain Jake ventured deep in the Pisces' cave to find the gigantic Pisces asleep. Sofia looks down and asks her friends who's going in to do a body scan and grab one of it's scales from the floor as Captain Jake announces that he'll do it, but Kwazii jumped in and tells him that he'll do it, to prove that the purple head is much more better than the blue head. Glaring down at him, Captain Jake volunteers to go in just to prove the Kwazii that the purple head of the Pisces as Sofia rolled her eyes in annoyance and convinces both her friends to just go in and get the body scan together to stop their arguing.

As the two pirates went inside the cave, Captain Jake and Kwazii scanned the sleeping bodies of the Pisces and quickly went out, even though Kwazii was the first to get out with his super speed.

Powers that Kwazii uses Edit

  • Guiding Light (to help him and his friends see in the dark)
  • Super Speed (to get out of the cave faster than Captain Jake)

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