Hey! Keep it down!

“Hey Kwazii! You and the Octonauts cleaning the Octopod, again? Keep it down!”- Jake

What's All the Racket? is the 28th episode of Season 6.

Summary Edit

A loud noise from the forest starts to annoy everyone, so the gang is determined to stop it and find out where it's coming from.

Plot Edit

The episode starts in Kwazii's bedroom where he and his Lothea friend, Pearl, are still sleeping in when suddenly, a loud noise that sounded kind of like construction working and cannon launching woke them up! They covered their ears and went to HQ to ask Captain Barnacles what was causing all that racket.

However, when they arrived in the HQ room, Kwazii and Pearl saw that the Octonauts were all covering their ears from the loud noise outside. Kwazii tried to shout over to Captain Barnacles and ask him where the noise was coming from, but Barnacles barely heard him.

So to find and shut that racket up, Kwazii and Pearl go out to Disney Junior Town to find their friends and ask them for their help... that is if they could hear them!

Jake figures it's Kwazii and the Octonauts cleaning their Octopod when he claims to have heard it too. Sooner or later, everyone hears the sound originate from the Enchanted Forest so Kwazii, Sofia, Jake, and Pearl decide to go together to investigate.

But just before they could go to the Enchanted Forest, Kwazii magically makes earplugs for him and his friends in plug in so the noise wouldn't hear the noise and only hear each other. Finally, they went into the forest to stop who or whatever is making that racket.

When in the Enchanted Forest, Kwazii, Jake, Pearl, and Sofia could hear the noise getting closer and louder, despite having earplugs in their ears.

Powers that Kwazii usesEdit

  • Appearing Power (to make earplugs appear in his and his friends' ears)


  • One scene of this episode is similar to the scene of Urban Ed from Ed, Edd, n Eddy.


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