You Croc Me Up! is the 58th episode of Season 11.

Summary Edit

Connor, Amaya, and Greg help their friends, the Lion Guard, deal with Makuu and his gang of crocodiles when they invade Big Springs, but when Makuu mocks Connor, Connor begins to lack his confidence.

Plot Edit

The episode begins at Big Springs where the PJ Masks in their daytime selves are hanging out with the Lion Guard and the other hippos. Bunga then dives in but once again, all the fish are repelled by the honey badger's scent. Just then, Makuu and his crocodiles arrive for the fish as Makuu demands Basi for the fish. However, Basi tells Makuu that there is no fish today which leaves Makuu frustrated as he and his crocs make their leave. Amaya notices how grouchy the crocodile leader is as Basi tells her to not worry about it.

Trivia Edit

Transcript Edit

Connor (Narrating): You Croc Me Up!

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